Ita Fisher

May 10, 2016 - Less than a minute read
Rated 4.25 stars4.25 / 5 ( 4 )

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Rated 4.25 stars4.25 / 5 ( 4 )

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Quality Factor

  • Hair Quality
    User: 69%
  • Cap Construction
    User: 72%
  • Comfort & Fit
    User: 73%
  • Wig Lifespan
    User: 70%
  • Customer Service
    User: 61%


Posted on 2016-06-16
Rating: 3
3 /5 stars

  • Hair Quality
    User: 59%
  • Cap Construction
    User: 68%
  • Comfort & Fit
    User: 75%
  • Wig Lifespan
    User: 44%
  • Customer Service
    User: 12%

This was a very expensive wig I bought because I hoped it would last and be beautiful. The wig is very comfortable. However, the hair isnt natrally curly as I was promised and doesn't hold styles for more than a day. The hair originally felt very silky but although I only wear on shabbat and send to be washed professionally it hadn't stayed as fresh as I'd hoped, considering I've had it for 3 years. But the truth is the worst thing about a wig that cost over £1700 was the service I received.
I have been to her salon several times always with a prebooked appointment, but every time I have waited more than 2 hours to be seen! This has left me so fustrated and upset that it ruined the whole experience of covering hair for me.
Also when I noticed hair had fallen from the crown leaving a little bald spot before the end of the first year they assured me they would fix it...but clumps of hair where sown together making little black dots! They did to there credit redo the job properly when I sent the wig back in shock, but made me pay for its return delivery!!!
Needless to say I would reccomend that one should buy their wig elsewhere.

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