Wondering Why There Isn’t A “Yelp” For One Of The Biggest, Long-Term Expenses You Have?


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ShayTell has one goal:

Creating clarity and transparency in the wig-buying process.

Wigs: A Way Of Life

For so many of us, wearing a wig isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a way of life. And it’s a way of life that demands a big investment, constant maintenance and a quality product.

Creating Transparency

Allowing wig-wearers to rate the companies they have purchased from will create transparency in a currently-unreviewed process and will guide our site users to the best wig company for their needs.

A Long Term Relationship

Would you enter a long term relationship with someone you didn’t know? In a way, we’re all a little married to our wig company. It’s time we knew them better.

Wig Vendors on ShayTell

Allowing wig companies to also have a presence on ShayTell allows for useful information (location, contact information, scheduling) to be easily accessed as well as encourages communication and dialogue between companies and clients.

User Generated Reviews

All our reviews and ratings are user generated and are all based on the individual experiences of real wig wearers. We encourage honest and helpful reviews and do our best to ensure that’s what is reflected on ShayTell.

    Tips, Advice, How-To's, Giveaways and General News In The Wig-Wearing World!

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