The WunderWig: Messy bun, an Athletes bestfriend, Your Best Summer Day Accessory– Changing the Way You’ll Cover hair! 

Dream about those single days, when you’d effortlessly toss your hair up into a bun and run out of the house? No longer do you need to be nostalgic for those
carefree times, meet the WunderWig,and Yonit the mastermind behind it.
Q. How did you learn to sew and make shaitels by hand? Q. What has your background in wigs been?
When my husband and I moved to Yerushaliam for our shana rishona of marriage, he was in Kollel, and I was looking for something creative and stimulating to do with my time. I somehow apprenticed with a high-end israeli wig company, and learned how to construct and sew a sheitel by hand. I’m very crafty with my hands, and in a short time I learned how to make the highest quality shaitel by hand. 
When I returned to Montreal, I took on real custom sheital projects, custom meaning I actually built each wig for a custom order. I was pretty low key for many years, taking on few big orders at a time. 
Q. What was the inspiration behind the ponytail?
A. All of this time that I was making them, I never wore a shaitel myself, because I couldn’t stand having hair around me, while I did tedious craft work. Then one day it occurred to me, I didn’t always have to be the ‘tichel lady’ selling shaitels! Why couldn’t I craft a perfect ponytail wig for myself?’ It was like this flash of a lightbulb, I spent hours, days and weeks straight, sewing and resewing hair into a cap to finally get it right. It took many months to perfect. 
In no time, all my customers wanted one.
Q. How is a ponytail wig differ from a regular wig construction? 
A. I can’t exactly share my secret, but lets just say, the hair must be sown in many, many different directions to mimic the natural look of throwing your hair into an effortless bun, or ponytail. (Patent pending!)
Q. What’s been your greatest challenge? 
A. I can’t make them fast enough!
Q. What type of hair do you use for the Wunderwig?
A. Processed European hair. We specifically use this hair, because it’s a more stronger and durable hair which is necessary because of the wear and tear an elastic ponytail takes on a sheitel. We also choose this hair to keep the Wunderwig affordable. 
Q. How is the Wunderwig for working out?
A. The cap is lined with moisture wicking fabric, originally I wanted to line the entire cap with that material, but I had to maintain the shape of the cap, we so lined the crown of the head, where the wig gets hot and sweaty. 
Originally the Wunderwig was supposed to be a sporty wig. I strength train, I run, I do dance, weight training and this was the most amazing solution for me to feel comfortable covering my hair, without my scarf falling off, and without feeling self-conscious to be out and about exercising in a scarf. 
To say the least, everyone who has a Wunderwig says exercising outdoors has totally changed for them, and finally the dilemma over how to cover their hair and workout comfortably has been solved. 
The messy bun is finally doable, the donut bun– which is very in style at the moment, the ponytail to feel more youthful– these style are all now options for women of any age to have more versatility. We also make attachable bangs!
Q. What’s the craziest thing about a Wundewig?
A. The ponytail actually swings!

Q. Who are your customers? What’s the craziest feedback you’ve hear. 

A. I’ve had three customers give birth in their Wunderwig!  I’ve had women send me messages, that they’ve fallen asleep for the night in their wig, and even got in the shower with their wigs! 
Athletes, nurses, runners.
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***Shaytell is not payed to write about and promote any particular company, we choose topics that are interesting, informative and innovative. We think Wunderwig is a terrific product, revolutionizing hair covering, and we look forward to seeing the talented, creative and sweet Yonit succeed in her work!***