Where can you go TODAY to buy an Extra-Large Sheitel

Where can you go TODAY to buy an Extra-Large Sheitel? BY: Sarah. I got married…

Published February 23, 2017
9 minutes read

WunderWig: The Ponytail Wig that Actually Swings

  The WunderWig: Messy bun, an Athletes bestfriend, Your Best Summer Day Accessory– Changing the…

Published July 4, 2016
6 minutes read

Tackling A Dry, Scratchy, Dull, Flat and Frizzy Winter Wig

1. HAT HAIR To be cute or to be warm? That is the question. When…

Published February 1, 2016
2 minutes read

Winter Wig Woes – and How To Avoid Them

Chapped hands, chapped lips, and dry skin are all consequences we face living on the…

Published February 1, 2016
1 minute read

Tips From The Pros On How To Travel With Your Wigs

Whether you’re traveling for Pesach, staycationing or dreaming of your next getaway, we asked the experts…

Published April 12, 2016
2 minutes read

Six best Lobs on the Wig Market Now

The lob has been named the chicest hairstyle of 2015. The shaitel industry has jumped on…

Published January 29, 2016
3 minutes read