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Rated 3 stars3 / 5 ( 3 )

Quality Factor


Quality Factor

  • Hair Quality
    User: 32%
  • Cap Construction
    User: 58%
  • Comfort & Fit
    User: 72%
  • Wig Lifespan
    User: 33%
  • Customer Service
    User: 66%

Chana H.

Posted on 2016-06-02
Rating: 2
2 /5 stars

  • Hair Quality
    User: 12%
  • Cap Construction
    User: 25%
  • Comfort & Fit
    User: 38%
  • Wig Lifespan
    User: 13%
  • Customer Service
    User: 1%

I think Sheina wigs are great in that you can get a decent wig for very little. But honestly it's not worth it when you can't wear it more then a day without styling. I'm a Sheitel Macher, so I don't mind as much. Also, the quality is not good at all and it knots constantly.... I recut and styled mine so it does look good now.
I was disappointed in their service though, after wearing the wig for a week and noticing the cap was too big-( seemed to have stretched out more from washing it) I asked what could be done... The answer was absolutely nothing... No service there :/

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